July / August, 2020


Private Artdinners in extraordinary arty locations

Let yourself be surprised at this Private Artdinner in an astonishing architectural jewel near Monaco, with the photographic works “Artmanas by KATTAS” and a gourmet dinner by the chef FRED. We want to take you on a gastronomic and artistic journey, in the heart of an artistic and private environment.

Dine in a unique place dedicated to art. With this newseries we offer gourmet dinners in an artistic setting surrounded by art. Tokeep the intimacy of the dinner there will be a limited number of guests.

Golden Eye

With « Golden Eye » we will take you on a journey through a refined space, surrounded by photographs. « Golden Eye » refers to the look towards art, to have an underlined look and perfect sight. It is the view of the work, an important acquisition of an art history that now includes the reception of the work. Each in his own way, uses the gaze as an essential component of his art. To do this, it is first necessary to show how the relationship between the eye and the gaze is articulated.

KATTAT by Artmanas

With her latest series of photographs KATTAT brings her garden to your home, and the smell and freshness of the floral world.

Also discover 3D photos, a new process that involves a change of point of view, as opposed to a 2D fixed view (or « flat »),which corresponds to a single point of view (if the view of the object is not distorted).

Reservation & details

Artdinner – cocktail attire required / tenue de cocktail éxigée
when / quand : July / August, 2020
where /  : Monaco & surrounding – the exact address will be unveiled 24hrs before
participation : price on request / tarif sur demande

Please make your reservation for this exclusive art event either via email artdinner@rivierartevents.com or by phone +33 6 63 85 26 96

We are looking forward to sharing this evening with you.